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Located in Rensselaer NY, Illusive Restaurant & Bar is a purveyor of fine mixed American dining from Chef Joseph Ventrice, Jr. & his Culinary team

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The Shakin Bacon opened in November 2015 and quickly became a staple in the City of Rensselaer. In June 2017, an unusual and devastating fire forced The Shakin Bacon to close down but we knew that was not the end. Though, we planned to reopen in our original location, the owner of Three Ferry St. offered the opportunity to expand to larger space. We felt in a larger location we could provide a better service to the area, and solidify our position as a staple for many years to come. We wanted to stay The Shakin Bacon, but as we grew into our new space we felt a name change would be more appropriate, and as such The Shakin Bacon has evolved into Illusive Restaurant & Bar.

The Chef and team will serve both quality interpretations of classic dishes as well as daring new ventures into uncharted territories of food.

Illusive Restaurant & Bar was designed through a collaborative effort made up of industry veterans, and reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to Rensselaer's storied past. The newly renovated restaurant offers the option for fast, high quality pick up service that The Shakin Bacon was known for, while also providing an enjoyable dine-in experience with a full-service bar unique to Illusive.




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3 Ferry Street Rensselaer, NY 12144


6am-8pm M-Fr 7am-8pm Sat

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3 Ferry Street Rensselaer, NY, 12144